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Chicago O'Hare Airport

Our 5 day vacation plans landed us in Vancouver B.C. Canada for the Memorial Day weekend. During the planning phase of our vacation holiday we discovered  the cost for flights from Chicago O'Hare to Vancouver, B.C. were insanely expensive. With this reality, we decided to fly from Chicago to Seattle, rent a car at the Sea-Tac airport and drive from Seattle to Vancouver.

Our flight was delayed at O'Hare for 2.5 hours due to rain and fog. Our flight was scheduled for departure at 9:00 P.M. but actual plane take-off time was 11:00 P.M. The delay put us at Seattle Sea-Tac airport at 1:00 A.M. 

Alamo Rental Car at Sea-Tac Seattle Airport

I reserved a rental car from Alamo through American the airlines website using my air miles to pay for the car rental because I did not have any rental car coupons or rental car discount codes to use and booking through American Airlines was the best deal I could get. After I made my reservations I was looking at the online reviews for Alamo Car Rental and they were so bad that I was really concerned I had made a big mistake renting a car from Alamo. I could not belive some of the honorific customer service stories I was reading about Alamo. I was wondering how any company could stay in business with this kind of customer service reviews. 

As I entered the Seattle Sea-Tac airport heading for the Alamo car rental desk I had my guard-up. I was not going to become the next victim of a unprofessional and temperamental Alamo service representative. As I approached the Alamo service desk, much to my surprise I was greeted my a very professional Alamo service representative.  The Alamo rental car process was straight forward and without any hard up-sell. I was extremely happy with the service provide and the Alamo service representative was charming and polite. With the experience I had with Alamo I would recommended Alamo car rental to a friend or colleague.

At the U.S. / Canadian Border Blaine, Washington

The 2.5 hour drive from Seattle Sea-Tac airport to the Peace Arch Canadian border crossing in Blaine, Washington was an easy drive at 1:30 A.M. with very little traffic. I stopped at the last Shell gas station to fill-up on cheap U.S. fuel before crossing into Canada. The border patrol asked the usual questions like:
  • why are you traveling to Canada at 4 A.M. in the morning?  
  • when was the last time you visited Canada?
  • where are you staying while you're in Canada?
  • what do you do for employment?
After our brief interrogation by the Canadian border patrol we were officially granted access into Canada. Like two school kids, after passing through the border crossing and driving towards Vancouver we repeated each of the the questions the border patrol officer asked us but answered each question with a sarcastic comment, laughing out-loud as each answer progressively got more outrageous and funny. The whole border crossing experience was actually very entertaining.

The Westin Grand, Vancouver B.C.

We arrived at The Westin Grand downtown Vancouver hotel on Robson Street at 4 A.M. and were informed by  front desk employee Danielle that our room had been given to another guest and there were no rooms available in The Westin Grand hotel on Robson St. in downtown Vancouver although another room was available and waiting for us at The Westin Bayshore downtown Vancouver hotel a few blocks away, all expenses included. After reviving the paperwork from Danielle we were off to The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver for a few hours of shuteye.

The customer service provided by Danielle at The Westin Grand, Vancouver  was outstanding. We sent The Westin Grand, Vancouver an email to let them know we were extremely impressed with the customer service provided by their employee.